NASTD (National Association of Solo & Team Divers) is an elite diver training agency founded by cave divers in 2021 with the goal of producing world-class technical and cave divers through intense, yet enjoyable, training methods designed to make the training experience more educational, comfortable, and safer for both students and instructors. The training follows a "complete course concept." 

NASTD Anti-Silt Skills for Technical & Overhead Diving 

     - Trim, buoyancy, and propulsion skills.

     - Ascent and decompression skills.

     - Double tanks and/or sidemount. 

     - Underwater lighting. 

     - Teamwork, timing, and communication.

     - Reels, spools, and guidelines. 

NASTD Technical Diver 1: Accelerated Decompression for the Nitrox Diver 

     - Decompression procedures with a single deco bottle.

     - Decompression gases from 50% - 100% oxygen.

     - Planning and conducting dives to 40 meters/130 feet. 

NASTD Technical Diver 2: Hyperoxic, Normoxic, and Hypoxic Trimix Diving 

     - Decompression Procedures with multiple stages and decompression bottles. 

     - Helium mixtures from 30/30 to 12/60 with helium, nitrox, and 100% oxygen decompression.

     - Planning and conducting dives to 100 meters/330 feet. 

NASTD Technical Diver 3: Shipwreck Explorer 

     - Diver propulsion vehicles for open water technical diving. 

     - Advanced shipwreck penetration.

     - Solo/self-sufficient skills. 

     - Shipwreck survey. 

NASTD Cave Diver 1: Full Cave Diver

     ​- Jumps, gaps, circuits, traverses, siphons, etc. 

NASTD Cave Diver 2: Extended Range Cave Diving 

     - Stage

​     - DPV 

NASTD Cave Diver 3: Cave Explorer 

     - Survey

     - Multiple Stage/Multiple DPV

     - Solo/Self-Sufficient Skills 

NASTD Rebreather Diver 1: Basic SCR/CCR

NASTD Rebreather Diver 2: Technical SCR/CCR

NASTD Rebreather Diver 3: Cave SCR/CCR 

NASTD Instructor Qualification Courses 

My first instructors, Doris and Frank Murphy, presidents of PDIC. 

What is NASTD?

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