What is NASTD?

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FREEDIVING, sport, technical, & cave diver training

NASTD (National Association of Solo & Team Divers) is an elite diver training agency founded by cave divers in 2021 with the goal of producing world-class sport, technical, and cave divers through intense, yet enjoyable, training methods designed to make the training experience more educational, comfortable, and safer for both students and instructors. The following is a list of nastd training courses:


Freediver 1: Apnea Diver

Freediver 2: Apnea Spearo

Freediver 3: Solo Freediver

Sport Diving:

Sport Diver 1: Open Water Diver

Sport Diver 2: Nitrox Diver 

Sport Diver 3: Solo Diver 

Technical Diving:

Tech Diver 1: Accelerated Decompression Diver

Tech Diver 2: Trimix Diver 

Tech Diver 3: Solo Technical Diver 

Wreck Diving:

Wreck Diver 1: Exterior Survey Diver

Wreck Diver 2: Wreck Penetration Diver

​Wreck Diver 3: Solo Wreck Diver

Cave Diving:

Cave 1: Cave Diver
Cave 2: Extended Range Cave Diver
Cave 3: Solo Cave Diver

Rescue Diving:
Rescue 1: Surface Rescue Swimmer
Rescue 2: Rescue Diver
Rescue 3: Technical Rescue Diver