Deco Bottle Static Leg Holds (Lower Abs)

Doubles Decline Push-ups (Upper Chest)

TRACE Malinowski's "The Tech Diver's Workout"


Doubles Front Squats (Quads)

I invented this workout to stay in shape on the road while teaching tech and cave diving without having a gym or being able to find a pull-up bar. It's designed for 3 leg exercises, 3 pull exercises, 3 push exercises, shoulder, arms, and core work. WARNING: TANKS MUST BE EMPTY!!! I am a former ISSA and AMFPT personal trainer. Do not attempt these at home. Contact me for a training session to learn how to perform these movements in a safer manner than attempting them yourself. 

Deco Bottle Side Laterals (Middle Delt)

Deco Bottle Front Deltoid Raise (Front Delt)

Doubles Deadlifts (Lower/General Back)


Deco Bottle Bent Laterals (Rear Delt)

Doubles Bent Rows (Middle Back)

Doubles Upright Rows (Upper Back)

Regular Push-ups (Chest)

Doubles Incline Push-ups (Lower Chest)


Deco Bottle Stability Planks (Forearms/Core)


Deco Bottle Kickbacks (Triceps)


Doubles Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (Hamstrings)

Deco Bottle Curls (Biceps)

Doubles Sit-Ups (Upper Abs)

Scuba Coach Trace


Doubles Calf Raises (Calves)

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