Deco Bottle Curls (Biceps)


Doubles Decline Push-ups (Upper Chest)

Deco Bottle Kickbacks (Triceps)


Doubles Sit-Ups (Upper Abs)

Deco Bottle Side Laterals (Middle Delt)

Deco Bottle Stability Planks (Core/Forearms)

Doubles Deadlifts (General/Lower Back)

I invented this workout to stay in shape on the road while teaching tech and cave diving when I couldn't find a suitable pull-up bar. It's designed for 3 leg exercises, 3 pull exercises, 3 push exercises, shoulders, arms, and core work. Sets and reps depend on your training needs. My background in fitness includes PKA kickboxing, coaching college lacrosse, and coaching a competitive lifeguard team. I was in the weightlifting club in college, and I am a former ISSA and AMFPT personal trainer. Do not attempt these at home. Contact me for a training session to learn how to perform these movements in a safer manner rather than attempting them yourself. CYLINDERS MUST BE EMPTY. 

Trace Malinowski's "The Tech Diver's Workout"


Push-ups (General Chest)

Doubles Front Squats (Quads)

Deco Bottle Bent Side Laterals (Rear Delt)



Standing Calf Raises (Calves)

Doubles Bent Rows (Middle Back)

Deco Bottle Front Deltoid Raise (Front Delt)

Upright Rows (Shoulders + Upper Back)


FREEDIVING, sport, technical, & cave diver training

Doubles Stiff-Leg Deadlift (Hamstrings)

Doubles Incline Push-ups (Lower Chest)

Deco Bottle Leg Raises (Lower Abs)

Scuba Coach Trace